Cut The Rope is an online store created by Dead Flowers' front man Corey Howe. 10% of all proceeds for Cut The Rope are being donated to Foundation 45, a Dallas based Suicide Awareness Foundation. This topic unfortunately impacts many around the world, and at one point in his life many years ago it almost affected Corey's friends and loved ones. All  Thank you so much for stopping by, and we hope you enjoy the store!


*Given the light of the launch and pre-sale, please allow up to three weeks for Delivery. If you are local and want to pick up your items on site feel free to use the PROMO CODE: HOWDYNEIGHBOR to save on shipping. Also available is Venmo, b/c damn the bastards and their processing fees. Also note CTR Tee is only available during this two week pre-sale ending 7/24/17.


Designed by Corey Howe & made locally in Dallas, Tx