Song/Video review from The Joy of Violent Movement

"The album’s latest single “Anyone But Me” is an interesting song because it’s kind of a passive aggressive tell off and a bit of an admittance by the song’s narrator that they may be too much of a problem to deal with – it’s in a certain way a song from the perspective of a heartbroken loner, who’s a bit of a fuck up. But more important, the song is a loose, boozy song full of piss, vinegar, vitriol and regret, thundering drums, layers of blistering guitar and Howe’s anguished vocals. Interestingly, pay attention to the song’s structure – there isn’t a discernible chorus or a hook; in fact, the song is comprised more along the lines of an A,B,A structure with segments held together by the tight rhythm section.

Recently, the band released a lyric video for the song which features the band’s frontperson Corey Howe, sitting on a backyard bench insouciantly smoking to the song and its lyrics. At one point, Howe is sitting on the bench in a dress, drinking tea or coffee and smoking before returning to stare directly into the camera. It’s weird but it’s actually much more original than just seeing lyrics thrown out on to the screen without anything behind it."

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